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The deep and integral understanding of people
is my self given condition to create a radiant, authentic headshot.
Benjamin Kurtz

Benjamin Kurtz is a professional photographer, cinematographer and coach from Cologne, Germany. Inspired by his father's passion for photography, he studied design at the Köln International School of Design (Dipl. Designer FH) with a focus on filmmaking and photography. He has chosen the perfect career for him, allowing him to meld his love for exploration, sports and family with his passion for photographic creativity. Shooting in his own studio or around the world Benjamin's professional experience includes business headshots for corporate profiles, campaign and product photography, marketing for resorts, editorial for books and magazines, adventure and sports photography. In the corporate world, he has produced top quality work for companies such as Mercedes Benz, Denys Scharnweber, Lauri Kult, SAP, MAN Truck & Bus, milon industries, Yoga Journal, Somatheeram and others. 

Whether for personal or business photography, he provides the highest quality work and uses top notch equipment. But the best equipment doesn't make an outstanding image. Passionate and fun, he brings out beauty in his clients and their surroundings by developing a relationship with them. His aim is to truly see and understand people to create a radiant and authentic headshot. Hiring Benjamin, often means acquiring a new friend with a spectacular finished product. As a part of his service, he works diligently on his photos, ensuring the satisfaction of his customers.

In his advanced workshops Benjamin teaches flash techniques for people and corporate photography as well as melting flashlight naturally into vibrant ambient light settings. He coaches his students on how to develop a strong relationship to themselves and teaches techniques how to connect on a deeper level to their models in order to create a stunning an vibrant portrait.

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